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The Naughty Girl/

Das Ungezogene Mädchen

Long-term-observation, 80min 

At the age of 18, Josephine decides to torpedo the plans of her traditional family to become a dentist. Her own plan is to overthrow patriarchy and re:define female roles in society. In various political, revolutionary actions that become legendary over the whole world, Josephine advances as the symbol for a generation that stands up for a feminist future. Then, quite young she becomes a mother herself and also has to deal with the everyday struggles of a young mother. 

Over the course of 9 years now, I now have accompanied Josephine as a close friend and observing filmmaker. From the child that wants to break free, to the artist on stage and a public figure, to a young mother, she experiences a lot ups and downs, but would never give up one thing: her ideals. An intimate, wild, and touching portrait of a girl, who never hesitates. But who will her daughter be and which mother-daughter conflicts will the two of them have to face? I will continue to find out with the camera. This process has yet an open end and will tell the stories of 3 generations of emancipation, personal principles and changing morals within society. 

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