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Errors & Irritations

What if you your life becomes your artistic performance?



Along the dark country roads of rural Germany, prostitutes from foreign countries work in old caravans. ln this uncanny world, the murder of one of the women takes place.

A film about a microcosm that describes a society at the hardest end of a globalized capitalism.


Moonlight Princess

Despite her albinism and only 8% sight, Nadines greatest dream is to become an actress. But her way is full of small hurdles of everyday life, which we experience with her in an audiovisual voyage.


Clinical Romance

He keeps things, she throws them away. He’s the past, she’s the future. Can you rekindle a love that seems impossible? CLINICAL ROMANCE is a film about the choice between love and self-determination. An intimate chamber piece full of tragicomic verbal duels.


La Sagrada de Cuba

/ the Untouchables 

"La Sagrada de Cuba" tells by means of found stories  in stunning images about the simple, beautiful, but rough life of Cuban cowherds. Through the history of the cattle, the film draws the big picture of the islands politics from the revolution until today.


The Naughty Girl/

Das Ungezogene Mädchen

An intimate long term observtional portrait of a young and bold woman who, against all odds, sets forth to overturn the system.

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